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Salutations! I’m Mike, and thank you for following this blog! I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and be a content creator but like many others, I had no real clue how, nor where to start.

As well, I’ve always had a factor that’s been hindering me. And that factor is, I couldn’t figure out a niche. The reason being, I have multiple interests in my life and I want to explore multiple avenues. And many people in the content creating and business world say, “you really need to find a niche to be successful”, and/or, “you need to niche down”.

It wasn’t until about a year or 2 ago while searching for an answer to what my options were and how to overcome being niche-less, I came across some life changing information. And that information revolved around a specific word. Multipotential.

And upon diving deeper, things began to click. My name is Mike, and I’m a Multipotentialite (as Emilie Wapnick described it). I wanted to step out and embrace it and the journey.  Thus, “Poly Avenuist” was born.

Poly Avenuist is about embracing multiple avenues of interest. Embracing your heart and not settling on niching down. It’s about doing all the things you love to do, and discovering, venturing, learning, and finding and achieving success with it all.

You and this world are more than just one niche.

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